Credential Interception Using Malicious SMB Shares

How to intercept NTLM-SSP hashed credentials for offline cracking.

Casino Royale CTF Walkthrough

A walkthrough for VulnHub’s Casino Royale CTF.

Windows 10 Software Restriction Policies

Configuring Software Restriction Policies (SRP) in Windows 10.

GoldenEye CTF

A writeup of the VulnHub GoldenEye capture the flag (CTF) challenge.

Extracting Windows Credentials Using Native Tools

How to extract credentials from Windows systems using built in commands.

What You Need to Know About Kerberoasting

An overview of Kerbroasting to extract service account credentials.

Lateral Movement With Named Pipes

A demonstraton of named pipe communication using Meterpreter.

Session Enumeration With NetSessionEnum API

How to take advantage of the NetSessionEnum API to determine remotely logged in users.

Disable tracker-store in Kali Linux

Preventing the tracker-store process from taking up 100% CPU on a Kali system.