Extracting Windows Credentials Using Native Tools

How to extract credentials from Windows systems using built in commands.

What You Need to Know About Kerberoasting

An overview of Kerbroasting to extract service account credentials.

Lateral Movement With Named Pipes

A demonstraton of named pipe communication using Meterpreter.

Session Enumeration With NetSessionEnum API

How to take advantage of the NetSessionEnum API to determine remotely logged in users.

BloodHound by Example

A demonstration of how BloodHound can be used to exploit Active Directory based networks.

Active Directory Honey Tokens

Configuring Active Directory honey tokens to detect account enumeration.

Creating a WPA2 Enterprise Access Point Using Linux

A guide to configure a Linux system as a WPA2 Enterprise wireless access point using an Alpha wireless adapter.

Windows Domain Authentication With YubiKey

Configuring YubiKey two factor authenticaton for interactive login to a Windows domain.