Obfuscating Command Line Arguments

Encoding command line arguments to evade detection.

Active Directory Persistence

Maintaining access to an Active Directory environment.

Forged Kerberos Tickets

Generating forged Kerberos gold, silver and diamond tickets.

Active Directory Schema Modification

Changing default security descriptor properties to escalate from a child to parent domain.

Exploiting Tomcat

Exploiting common Tomcat vulnerabilities.

Attacking MSSQL

Compromising MSSQL databases, and escalating privileges.

Golden gMSA Attacks

Extracting gMSA service accounts from child domains.

SID History Abuse

Modifying SID History values to compromise parent domains.

Backup Operator Privilege Escalation

Extracting domain controller credentials using the Backup Operators group.

Active Directory Explorer

Using Microsoft AD Explorer to collect Active Directory attack path information.

Active Directory DACL Attacks

Exploiting misconfigured Active Directory access control lists.

Entra ID Connect

Extracting credentials from Azure Entra Connect.