x64 Call Stack Walking

Walking an x64 call stack using UNWIND data structures.

Headless Linux Disk Encryption

Unlocking LUKS encrypted disks remotely.

Configuring an ESP32 in Ubuntu 22.04

Getting an ESP32 to work with Ubuntu and Visual Studio Code.

Blocking Outbound Docker Traffic

Blocking outbound docker traffic using an IPTables firewall.

PowerShell Constrained Mode

A guide to enabling PowerShell constrained mode.

Kali Linux – Ensuring Traffic is Only Sent via OpenVPN

A guide on configuring Kali so all network traffic is routed over an OpenVPN connection.

Windows 10 Software Restriction Policies

Configuring Software Restriction Policies (SRP) in Windows 10.

Active Directory Honey Tokens

Configuring Active Directory honey tokens to detect account enumeration.

Creating a WPA2 Enterprise Access Point Using Linux

A guide to configure a Linux system as a WPA2 Enterprise wireless access point using an Alpha wireless adapter.

Windows Domain Authentication With YubiKey

Configuring YubiKey two factor authenticaton for interactive login to a Windows domain.