Kali Linux – Ensuring Traffic is Only Sent via OpenVPN

A guide on configuring Kali so all network traffic is routed over an OpenVPN connection.

Install Required Packages

Import your OpenVPN config

It’s best to do this via nmcli rather than the GUI, as you get detailed error messages:

If it fails to connect, tail -f /var/log/syslog

If you see an error similar to below:

This is a known bug. To fix this issue, go to:

Settings > Network > YourProfile, then click the box next to password, and select all users.

CA certificate 
C) Store the password onlytor this user 
@ Store the password for all users 
C) Ask for this password every time 
C) The password is not required

Configuring the Firewall

Paste the below commands into a terminal. Note that the VPN provider port and protocol may need changing.

Save the rules to run on reboot